Importance of using text messages for your business...

A blooming business requires more than just a product; it requires the perfect marketing strategy that attracts people towards it.
A blooming business requires more than just a product; it requires the perfect marketing strategy that attracts people towards it. In order to let the world know about your business, you have to choose the right form of communication that connects with the people, and what's better than texting these days? From gen X to Millennials, everyone prefers texting because it is more convenient than any other form of communication. That is precisely why you should use texting to promote your business. In this article, you will learn everything about promoting your business through SMS and why it is important to use text messaging for a successful business in the 21st century.

What is SMS?

SMS (short messaging service) also known as text messaging. The first SMS was sent in the year 1992 by Neil Papworth to Richard Jarvis through a computer, and it has evolved a lot since then. The SMS allows you to send a short note or message to anyone around the world; initially, it was used to send billing alerts and emergency messages only. Most SMS services limit the number of characters for each message and charge a specific amount for every message sent. Messages costs mostly less than a cent. SMS or texts does not require an internet connection as well. Each year 2.27 trillion messages are sent worldwide, which makes it the most popular form of communication.

Why is SMS important for your business?

People hardly have time to talk to their family with busy routines and hectic schedules, let alone listen about your product. People can get furious with the marketing calls because no one wants to listen about a product in which they are not interested at that time.
However, if you send an SMS to your targeted audience, it will be more fruitful and less costly. They can check your message anytime during their day and will come back at it when they are interested in your business. Additionally, according to various studies, SMS has proven to be more profitable in businesses than calls and emails because it provides concise and short information that is easy to read and remember.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing is similar to texting; the only difference is that it serves a specific purpose. The texts of SMS marketing update the customers on an upcoming sale, a new product launch, or just a reminder to return again. These texts can vary according to different businesses and their requirements, and some people prefer responsive texts while others don't. Apart from being the most common form of communication, SMS is also the most responsive form. SMS bags a 98% read rate, and most people prefer it over phone calls or emails which is exceptionally great for any business.

What are the types of SMS Marketing?

With the technology evolving every day, it is hard to keep track of things. Every day a new product, brand, or business is discovered. Even though SMS marketing can be divided into different types varying with different businesses and marketing methods, all of them fall under these two general types.

Promotional SMS Marketing

Any SMS that promotes your business falls under the promotional SMS marketing. Whether it is an announcement of a giveaway, discounts, summer sales, new products, or anything else which interest your customers. It is the most common type of SMS marketing because it is usually precise and uplifting. Promotional SMS marketing is usually a one-way text, where the receiver cannot respond to the message.

• Transactional SMS Marketing

Transactional SMS marketing includes all the messages that contain information of billing or order details of any sort. Whether it is a delivery update or a transaction confirmation, it is transactional SMS marketing. These types of SMS usually help build trust with the customer, which are primarily responsive texts

How to get a business phone number for SMS communication?

Well, now you have heard all about the fantastic features of the SMS marketing. There is still one thing that confuses a lot of people. Which is, that how can I get a business number for SMS marketing or communication? It can be hard to get a number for your business, but not when you have Twilio by your side.
You can purchase a toll-free number easily through their website to promote your business. You can buy the number from Twilio for an extremely low price of $1 per month. While the other service charges will include according to your use. Twilio is a customer engagement platform with advanced tools, sources that connects you to your customers all around the world.

How to cope up with SMS messages?

Once you have got your business number through Twilio and you start SMS marketing, it can be hard to keep up with all the messages. Although you don't have to worry about any of it when you have RADAAR. Whether it is email, SMS, any other form of communication, you can keep all of it in check with RADAAR. You will not have to go through every other application to check for messages from your customers. Instead you can have all of them in your RADAAR Social Inbox. You can easily interact with your customers more efficiently and prioritize their needs accordingly. RADAAR grants access to quick templates and translates messages from different languages as well.

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