Instagram Reels for business: What you need to know in 2022!

Instagram remains one of the most popular social media platforms in the world.
Instagram remains one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It gives people the ability to create and share highly engaging user-generated content across millions of active users.

Another reason is how it continues to evolve to provide people with features to engage with their audience. Aside from just posting images, they can now post short and entertaining videos, which other social media platforms can’t do. Introduced in 2020, Instagram Reels helps brands get in touch with their audience by showing their creativity to bring greater awareness to their businesses.

Since Instagram Reels is a relatively new feature on the platform, not many people are using it to its fullest extent, despite it being easy to use. This post will help you get the most out of its feature so you can create Reels that engage with your target audience and potentially convert them into customers.

Remove TikTok watermark

It's common among content creators to upload their TikTok videos into your Instagram Reels. After all, why recreate the same video to your Instagram Reels when you've already recorded it using TikTok? The reason now is that Instagram Reels with TikTok watermark will become less discoverable on the Instagram Reels tab. You should know that the Instagram Reel feature lets users find the latest and trending videos on the platform. So, even if you have a viral video in your hands, you won't get the most visibility out of them...unless you remove the TikTok logo on the videos.
There are different ways you can do this. If you are on the last screen of uploading your editing video on TikTok, go to your phone setting and record your screen. Then go back to TikTok and play the video you will be uploading with the volume turned all the way up. Finally, stop the recording and save and edit the recorded video on your Instagram Reels.

Now, if you have uploaded the TikTok video and wish to repurpose it into your Instagram Reels, use a watermark removal tool like Apowersoft Watermark Remover to get rid of the TikTok branding.

You can even insert the logo of your Instagram business. This way, people know where the video came from, and they can trace it back to your profile, where you can feature your other Reels.

Regarding the second method, there's no guarantee that removing the TikTok logo from the video is enough to get Instagram Explorer to feature your Reels. That's why it's best to create unique content for Instagram and TikTok, just to be sure.

Add closed captions

Closed captions are beneficial for two reasons. First, it dramatically improves the usability of your videos. Since not all users turn on their videos when browsing through Reels, you won't be able to grab their attention with your videos, especially if you rely on audio to create an impact with your Reels. Second, and more importantly, closed captions make your videos inclusive by allowing the deaf and hard of hearing to understand your videos. Both reasons allow you to increase the visibility and reach of your videos since more people will be able to enjoy them.
To add closed captions on your Instagram Reels, you can add the text while editing them on the platform. Choose the text font and size and the duration on how long the text will appear on the screen. You can add as many text elements as you want but make sure not to overdo it and compromise the video as a whole.

Every time you upload your Instagram Reels and add the text on your mobile device, you will have to do the same time-consuming process.

If you're not comfortable adding closed captions this way, you can use external apps like Inshot (available for Android and iOS). Aside from creating captions outside of Instagram, there are premium fonts you can use to stylize your captions. But you have to pay before you can use them.

Optimize your text placement

When you share your videos on your Instagram feed, aside from uploading it as a Reel, the platform will crop a preview clip of the video to the size of 1080 x 566 for landscape content, thus truncating the top and bottom portion of the screen. So, if you place your texts on either end of the screen, they will get cut off in the video's preview screen on your profile. As a result, it could result in lower engagement and clicks. While users can simply click on the preview image to see the whole thing, they won't do it because they cannot see the entire text and don't know what the video is about.
You can prevent this issue by simply fitting the text within the preview screen so users can read the text and decide whether to watch the whole video.

Make captions short and sweet

Instagram will only show the first 55 characters of your Reel's caption. The “...More” link replaces the succeeding text. Users must click on it to show the rest of the text.

But for them to do that, you must make the visible part of your description matter. A few ways to do that are the following:

• Use power words like "free," "money," "best," and others to immediately get their attention.
• Create "curiosity gap" phrases and sentences like "Tip #x will save your life" or "Wait until the end" to pique the interests of users.
• Tell users what to do using a call to action (CTA), such as getting them to share or like your videos, as well as including links to your Instagram bio.

Mobilizing users into action using the first 55 characters of your caption gets the most out of users from your Reels.

Create great original content

"Great" content, in this case, refers to your ability to put your personality and brand into the videos you publish. News flash: you don’t have to resort to recreating entertaining videos to become a hit on Instagram. The videos with the most shares entertain and provide value to users. So, if your brand’s goal is not to entertain, the best course of action is to create informative videos about your niche or industry. Sharing your expertise about a subject is a great way to establish yourself as an authority in your industry.
At the same time, add familiarity into your videos so people who aren't necessarily your target audience can still relate to them. For instance, overlay a viral song on your how-to videos, or recreate a fun meme that's relevant to your branding.

This way, you can tap into people’s interests and help generate more views to your Instagram Reels.

Getting traction with your informational Reels will take time because they don’t produce the explosive growth of usual viral content. Instead, focus on publishing your short video clips on a schedule and stick with it.

By scheduling your videos simultaneously over a period, you can eventually attract viewers and convert them into loyal followers of your Instagram feed.
Finally, while the bulk of your social media budget will go into content creation, you must ensure that the content you create for Instagram is worth every penny. Go all out with the production and video quality as long as they’re within reason so you can achieve the best results for your Reels.

Keep an eye on hashtags

Talking about Instagram Reels marketing won't be complete unless we bring up hashtags. They help increase the visibility of your images and videos posted on your feeds, thus increasing your brand awareness in the process. However, there is no analytics or data regarding how hashtags affect the visibility of your Instagram Reels. So, it's challenging to develop a working strategy for implementing hashtags when the platform doesn't provide you with additional information on how to use them.
However, this shouldn't dissuade you from using hashtags. At this point, we're counting that Instagram will hopefully use hashtags to help identify what your content is about. For example, health coaches can use hashtags like #healthylifestyle, #personaltraining, #wellnesscoach, and other relevant tags for their Reels as part of their wellness marketing strategy.

From here, Instagram should hopefully show your Reel to other users who engage with content using your same hashtags. When users search for the hashtag on the platform, your Reels could appear as one of the suggested videos for the hashtag.

The above scenario is just conjecture since we don’t know how Instagram will eventually use hashtags as part of Instagram Reels. Nonetheless, you must find the most relevant hashtags using tools like RADAAR’s Hashtag Search to include in your short videos at all times as a precaution.

Final thoughts...

Instagram has continuously innovated its way into the social media zeitgeist. And features such as Instagram Reels is why this social media platform remains at the top of the social media pecking order.

Using Reels, you should also adapt your business into becoming more tech-savvy and useful to your target audience. By publishing short videos that resonate with them, you can get more people to learn more about your brand, eventually leading them to become your clients or customers.

To help you achieve this goal, you can use RADAAR’s social media management tool.

Aside from its Hashtag Search, you can use its platform to schedule and manage your Instagram posts and analyze the results of each. This way, you can scale your campaign and tweak your strategy to help you generate more significant results moving forward.

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