Landing pages: What are they and why you need them?

Landing pages are an essential part of every digital marketing strategy. If you get them right, they will serve as the backbone of your content strategy. Unfortunately, there seems to be a huge disconnect between their importance and use by marketers.
Landing pages are an essential part of every digital marketing strategy. If you get them right, they will serve as the backbone of your content strategy. Unfortunately, there seems to be a huge disconnect between their importance and use by marketers. If you are new to landing pages, there is no need to worry as we have created the ultimate post just for you. Here’s everything you need to know about landing pages and how you can make the most of them.

What is a Landing page? What are its types?

In the simplest of words, a landing page is a dedicate page on a website that people land when they click a link on an external source such as an email or paid ad. There are two main types of landing pages which include Lead Generation landing pages and Click-Through landing pages. By creating Lead Generation landing pages, you can obtain personal information from a targeted website visitor. On the other hand, Click-Through landing pages provide information about an offer, promotion, or discount to entice users to make a purchase immediately.
In addition to the above, there are also two other types which are Explainer Landing pages, a type of landing page that relies heavily on content in order to entice users to take an action and Product Detail Landing pages, mainly used in the retail industry for providing visitors with information about products.

How to use landing pages correctly?

To harness the full potential of a landing page, it is vital that you know it’s essential elements that make up a landing page. These are mentioned below.

Proposition: Use the proposition in the headline to gain attention and encourage the user to read the supporting copy. You have to make it short and sweet to immediately attract people.

Benefits: Do not just sell features, sell benefits. It is crucial that you let others know how your product can prove beneficial to them.

Call to Action (CTA): It is probably the most important part of the page. Make your CTA button obvious so that it stands out.

Social Proof: When people see that others have a positive experience, it increases credibility and instills confidence that the product will meet their needs. The fact is that your prospects would want to know what your customer base has to say. Therefore, you can leverage social proof to convince them to consider your business.

Where do you use landing pages?

Marketers can use several tactics to drive visitors to landing pages from all over the internet such as the following.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC): If your brand or business is investing in pay-per-click advertising on search engines or display marketing on related websites, you need optimized landing pages to take advantage of the investment.

Content Marketing: Content marketing would be incomplete without landing pages. They can be used to introduce content to a target market, capture their attention and information, and convince them to become a customer later in the process.

Social Media Marketing: Landing pages can also be used in online marketing strategies which focus on organic traction on social media. You can combine the two to expand your reach and entice existing customers to purchase new products.

E-mail Marketing: If you are sending subscribers offers, you need to use a landing page to convert them. Targeted landing pages allow you to take your e-mail marketing efforts to the next level.

How can you create a landing page?

If you want to create the perfect landing page, you should consider using RADAAR. It is the ultimate tool out there that makes it super easy to design landing pages. You will have an easy time using it to ensure that your visitors perform the desired action. It will help you boost sales like never before. The main reason why the tool is worth using is that it lets you create the perfect landing page without any coding knowledge.
Take advantage of the landing page builder to create personalized landing pages that help you convert visitors. It lets you customize every part of the landing page including the buttons, images, headers, and sub-headers so that you can achieve a cohesive look. RADAAR lets you choose a pre-planned template that is 100% customizable. You can also use the drag-and-drop content blocks for making your landing pages stand out. The tool is super quick and provides instant results. You can rely on it for all your landing pages.

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Everything you need to know about landing pages!

Now you know what our Landing Pages feature stands for. If you still have questions about landing pages, check out the FAQ's that we have prepared for you.
The landing page is a follow-up to the promises made in the content. Your landing page allows you to make a deal, some type of special offer, piece of information or a deal, in exchange for providing contact information.
You can create your landing page via RADAAR's Landing Pages feature, customize it to your needs and publish.
Landing pages lead customers to a particular product, service, or offer and encourage them to take action. This is your opportunity to create conversions and build a customer base.
If you have your own domain, you can connect it for your landing pages through RADAAR.