Why you should use URL shorteners?

You need a link shortener or short URLs. Short URLs improve click-rate all the time. Let’s show you how!
Today, digital marketing is the most crucial form of marketing – there’s no beating the competition without improving your digital marketing strategies. According to Statista, as of January 2021, 4.66 billion of the world population are active internet users. That’s more than half the world online.

Why would any business owner ignore the one place every customer goes to? As a digital marketer, if you can successfully drive enough traffic towards your website, you're steps ahead of expanding your business. But how can you do this? You need a link shortener or short URLs. Short URLs improve click-rate all the time.

What’s wrong with your current URL?

If you aren’t impressed with your click data, there are more chances that you’re missing a crucial part of your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Your click-rate is poor because you use really long links or complex and ugly URLs. A link shortener gives you a better shot at the top of the search result pages. With a URL shortener, you can also track results and monitor your click data.

What is a URL shortener?

A URL shortener is a digital marketing tool that transforms your long URL into whatever URL you want. It's that simple! A link shortener increases your click rate since search engine algorithms favor shorter URLs. It rewrites URLs and provides you with short and catchy URLs to help you gather click data. You can as well track your number of clicks, their location, and time. That said, one of the most amazing benefits of a link shortener is that it allows you to use your brand name for your URLs for easy recognition and brand promotion. However, as with everything, there's the best among the rest.

What are the best URL shortener tools?


This tool will help you gain control of your click data, boost results and inspire trust. With an improved click-rate, you can increase your brand recognition and inspire more engagement. The tool will help you take credit for your content by branding your website with a better URL.


This is one of the best link shorteners out there today. Whether you're a startup focusing on a few social media networks or an agency handling multiple brands, RADAAR will help you streamline your URL for SEO. Also, Using RADAAR you can visually plan your content, publish automatically, engage followers, and get reports in collaboration with your team and clients. You can stay organized by working various workspaces for several brands.


Rebrandly is a notorious, industry-leading link management platform know for efficiency. It will help your brand track and share shorter URLs using a custom domain. They record about 2 billion click rates each month with over 500,000 happy customers. What's more, you can try the demo before committing.


BLINK is more than just a link shortener. It provides an environment to manage every touch, monitor for accuracy, and provide analytical insights to measure performance and value. When you share your link, it is fully protected by BLINK.


Cuttly is a link analytics platform where you can shorten your URL and improve your click data. It is one of the best for its features. Also, they don't display ads. You can track each link you shorten through them, and the results include social media clicks, page referrer, browsers, devices, systems, geolocation, etc.


This platform offers a free basic link shortener to customize your links and keep track of your link history. It is efficient, easy to use, and a great option for both small businesses and large enterprises. All you need to do is enter your long URL and have it customized to whatever you want. Then watch your click rate increase.

A complete solution for link management...

Create, manage, and track branded links to improve the click-through rate.

URL Shortener

Create, share, and track your links to get more clicks.
A URL shortener is a simple tool that converts a long link into a short one. Learn more.
Creating engaging social media posts to share content can drive traffic to your website. However, if you're including a long, complex link in every post you share, you may be forfeiting clicks, shares, and engagement. A shortened link is easier for your readers to click, copy, and share in their own posts, which can help your content gain organic exposure on social networks. Learn more.
No, you can create unlimited links. Learn more.
A URL Shortener tool lets you harness the power of your links by shortening, sharing, managing, and analyzing links to your content. Learn more.
Sure. After you're done creating a link, you'll have the option to edit it. Learn more.
Yes, the URL Shortener feature is free for all users. Learn more.