How to make reels on Instagram?

A new fantabulous feature launched by Instagram is Instagram Reels. It helps you do a lot of new exciting things. So, it is time to learn about Instagram reels.
Instagram is launching amazing features for its users with the passage of time. With its ever-mounting prominence, people are finding really exciting features that enable them to do new things on it. A new fantabulous feature launched by Instagram is Instagram Reels. It helps you do a lot of new exciting things. So, it is time to learn about Instagram reels. In order to inculcate our readers, we have dedicated this article to articulate what are Instagram reels and how we can create them. So, let us start without further ado!

What are Instagram Reels?

Like TikTok, Instagram has rolled out a new feature that enables the users to record and edit fine and fascinating videos multiple 15- second videos to set up songs and short videos. Now, you do not need to install a new application for creating reels like IGTV. Now Instagram has integrated an entirely new format into the application to enable you to create, share and view Instagram all over Instagram.
As far as sharing is concerned, you can share among your followers by posting reels to your feed. By doing this, your reel will show on the main grid of your profile. In case if you have a public account, you can widely disseminate these reels to your community with the aid of new reels on the explorer page. According to Instagram, specific reels in Explore affords the golden opportunity to become a famous creator on Instagram and approach a wider and new audience on a catholic stage.

How to create Instagram Reels?

Follow these steps to create effective Instagram Reels.

Select your music, speed, and filters...

To begin with, open the Instagram stories camera and select the Reels option. Prior to shooting your video, you can opt for the desired song from the Instagram music library to embed in your reel. Having said that, you can also choose your original audio by simply recording a reel with it. When you plan to share a reel with an original piece of audio, your audio will be ascribed to you. On the contrary, if you a public content, people are able to create reels with your audio by selecting “ Use audio” from your reel. Moreover, you can also select an exclusive or specific part of the song to feature in the reel.

The next step you have to go through is to set your timer and countdown for the reel. The setting of the timer permits you to record any of your clips hands-free. You will observe the countdown once you press the record button, prior recording starts for the time you selected.

You can select fascinating background effects for your reel video from the Instagram effect gallery and also record multiple clips with various effects. Lastly, you can opt to slow down to speed up a certain part of the video or the desired audio.

Shoot your video!

The 2nd step of creating a reel is recording your video reel, which is almost similar o recording a video for your Instagram stories. To do this, just press and keep holding the capture button, then you will observe a progress indicator at the top position of your screen while recording. Bear in mind that reels can be recorded in a series or whole in a single turn. You can also use videos from the gallery. Once you have completed recording videos, you can also add your desired effects to your videos like GIFs, text, and stickers. You are also free to choose points in your video you want your text or effect to appear.
For instance, if you want to add in the beginning, you can do this by setting the slider in order for it to cover few seconds of the video.

Hit share!

Once you are done with all the shootings, edition, and addition, now it is time to share your reel with the audience. Contrasting with Instagram stories, which possesses very limited sharing options, when you are to share Instagram Reels, you can also add a caption, and hashtag, edit or change the video thumbnail, tag your friends and opt where you want it to be shared or disseminated.

If you own a public Instagram account, you can share your reel to a specific space in Explore, where there is a strong probability of it being widely seen and shared in the community. In addition to this, you also have the option to share your reel with your following by sharing it on your Instagram feed. After sharing, when someone sees your video reel, you will be able to see their username, caption, hashtags, and effects.

Furthermore, when you share Reels containing specific songs, hashtags, or certain effects, the reel can also appear on specific pages when someone clicks on that song, hashtag, or effect. On the contrary, if you own a private account, your reels will only be shared with your Instagram feed. Then, people will not be to exploit your original audio from your Reels on Instagram; moreover, it will even be not shareable by those who do not follow you.

How to watch Instagram Reels?

If you want to watch the reels you created, just move towards Explore page and tap on the Reels section. There, you are able to find out a selection or collection of reels made by anyone from the Instagram community. Apart from watching, you can also share with your friends on Instagram. You will also observe some reels with a "featured" label. Instagram says that featured reels are selected by public reels opted by Instagram to assist you to find out original content we hope will fascinate and inspire you. However, Instagram reels are not globally available at the moment, it may be a good idea to get acquainted with the new format so that you can access these!

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