Social media image sizes in 2021!

Visual content drives a lot of traffic and creates interest in the visitors. In visual content, an important aspect that needs to be updated is image size. In this article, we will cast light on the social media image sizes that will ideally suit your brand promotion strategy. So let us start without any ado!
The contemporary world is overwhelmed with social media, engaging millions of people in various enjoyable activities. A lot of people use social media for promoting their business and enhancing their revenues. This is done through social media marketing. In social media marketing, you have to take care of a lot of things to execute an effective campaign to promote your product. During brand promotion on social media, an effective tool that should be used is the application of photos, images videos. Visual content drives a lot of traffic and creates interest in the visitors. In visual content, an important aspect that needs to be updated is image size. In this article, we will cast light on the social media image sizes that will ideally suit your brand promotion strategy. So let us start without any ado!

Why is it important to get social media image sizes right?

When you are promoting a brand or product, you need to do a lot of things in relation to the visual content present on your blog. While you are using images on social media to promulgate your brand, make sure your image is not infringing any copyrights. Secondly, if you do not have an original image, you will have to scope out high-quality images; also, you need to search for tools that can help you elevate your social media images.
Besides the above-mentioned requirements, you need to get your social media images' size correct; and getting get done is really significant due to the following reasons:

• It avoids fuzziness and dullness in the images and avoids everything that keeps your background from looking professional and awesome.
• As a result of sizing your images properly, visitor's engagement will be increased.
• Thirdly, a well-sized image shows all the details clearly which enables the audience to see the whole message and read it.
• It saves your time and extra effort to promote your brand since sizing your image betters its display.

Social media image sizes

Now, let us discuss the image sizes with respect to each famous social media website.

Instagram images

Instagram supports different shapes and orientations of images: images in Instagram can be horizontally and vertically. It also supports square images which were what this platform was famous for when it was launched. This range of image shapes and orientations increases your brand options, yet it makes the images a bit complicated to get right and proper. You should follow these guidelines.
Instagram profile photos size, when uploaded, is 320x320 px, so make sure that the image has the minimum size stated above. Even though the picture is uploaded in a square form, photos are displayed in a circular shape/form. While cropping the photo, focus on the central points so that they do not get cropped. For feed photos its sizes are these ones: 1080x566 px, 1080x1350 px, 1080x1080 px. Similarly for thumbnails are these sizes: 1080x1080 px. Stories image size is 1080x1920 px.

Twitter images

When you are promoting your brand or product through Twitter, you are likely to get more views, clicks, and click-throughs if your tweets are linked with images. So here are the right image sizes for Twitter that will engage more traffic. Twitter image sizes for profile photos: 400x400 px.
• Minimum image size: 200x200 px
• Maximum file size: 2MB
Twitter image size for header photos: 1500x500 px
Twitter images sizes for in-stream photos: 1600x900 px
Twitter card image size: 120x120 px
Twitter image sizes for fleets: 1080x1920 px

Facebook images

Indubitably, the most reputed social media website nowadays is Facebook and it constantly updates its design and image from time to time. The best strategy for a social media entrepreneur is to upload the brand image of the highest quality possible one can. Moreover, adhere to the Facebook terms and recommended formats for top-notch results. Facebook image sizes for profile photos: 170x170 pixels. Facebook image sizes for cover photos: 851x315 px. Facebook image sizes for posts and timeline photos:
• Recommended size: 1200x630 px
• Minimum size: 600x315 px

Facebook image sizes for event cover photos: 1200x628 px
Facebook image sizes for Facebook Stories: 1080x1920 px

• Sizes for Facebook Feed ads: At least 1080x1080 px. Minimum size 600x600 px. Ratio 1.91:1 to 1:1. Maximum file size of 30 MB.

Pinterest images

Pinterest is one of the budding social media platforms which are instrumental for brand or product promotion. It is very important to use the right size of images as it optimizes your Pinterest pages. Use proper images for your boards and pins.
Pinterest image size for profile cover photo: 800x450 px (at minimum)
• Aspect ratio: 2:3
• Square pins: 1000x1000 px
• Recommended size: 1000x1500 px
• Max file size: 20MB

Pinterest image sizes for collections Pins:

• Aspect ratio: 1:1 (recommended) or 2:3
• Recommended size: 1000x1000 px or 1000x1500 px
• Max file size: 10MB

Pinterest image size for Story Pins:

• Aspect ratio: 9:16
• Recommended size: 1080x1920 px
• Max file size: 20MB

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